Photography for me is portraits, fashion, weddings, boudoir… Sometimes all at once. My only goal is for you to feel good because that gets me going home feeling good. Who doesn’t wanna feel good? – Jasemine Denise

001: Where did it begin? 
Before she wanted to be a photographer, Jasemine-Denise wanted to be a rockstar. The traveling, the lights, the people… She wanted to be a part of it all. There was only one problem… She couldn’t play a single instrument.

Photography began as a storytelling journey for JDP. It evolved into something the photographer felt was best compared to her rock n roll roots… She wanted to create something that would make her clients feel really great. Much like rock n roll, she wanted to help make something people could look back on and say

“I did that.
I experienced that.
I felt every second of that…
I lived that. “

002: What has it become? 

Chicago based traveling photography service, Jasemine Denise Photography now consists of two photographers, a makeup artist, an amazing group of models and a team of freelance artists. Each person embodies the original vision set out by the owner, “How to make photography feel like rock n roll.” It has to be timeless, it has to be beautiful, and it has to feel life changing.

Don’t let the spikes and studs fool you. Jasemine Denise Photography has been delivering quality professional portrait services for over five years.


Jasemine Denise Photography