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Every so often between tours, I stumble across a project that inspires me so much..

I have to put something together to commemorate the way it made me feel. I always have to put the DISCLAIMER out, that I don't know nor am I paid to share any of the work I do created by musicians, and most of the artists I do work inspired by. I also don't claim nor pretend to know them personally. Like most fans, I create work that is meant to immortalize what the body of work made me feel when I first heard it. Do you love creating art inspired by your favorites?



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Jasemine Denise Photography studio

feb. 1, 2024

"You know." She set the book of photos into the trunk, eerily resembling the one her mother had when she was growing up. Others considered it a shrine, but it had always been filled with her mother's one self professed favorite artist

Prince Rogers Nelson

I remember calling my mother the day Prince passed away. It truly broke my heart to make that call, but I couldn't think of a single person I would've trusted to call her.

When I heard the news, I rushed to do this series of projects to commemorate Prince, his sound, (sonically almost completely unmatched.).


R. jodran

the chalice was a custom order from Renee and was delivered in record timing. Literally couldn't have came out more perfect.

the head spa studios

Back when Rayshone was the creating wigs with Weave N Luxury, she not only created the hair, she also taught me to style it and other wigs in my collection

Sunrise studios

one of my favorite graphic font artists on the web. I actually utilize this fonts all across the portfolio!

Jasemine denise photography

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the photography

photographed by yours truly, Jasemine Denise Photography